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Enter a URL and click Export to generate an EPUB or download in an alternate format.


FicHub is a growing set of accessibility tools for reading fanfiction. After entering a URL and clicking Export, basic fic metadata and a link to download as a standard EPUB will appear. Additionally, links to generate and download MOBI, PDF, or Zipped HTML versions will show.

The EPUB format is recommended, as many EPUB readers have options to change font, font size, colors, and have other options to enhance readability. This includes the option to change to a dyslexia friendly font.

Looking for something new to read? Fic.AI is an in development project aiding discovery. More advanced features are coming, but until then consider checking out the popular page.

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Supported Sites

Partial support (or not tested recently):

If you run into issues

In order to be a good citizen of the web, FicHub caches content and throttles the request rate on upstream sources. This means that some fics may take a while to export. Better progress reporting is in the works. Until then, please give it some time before trying to re-export a fic if you encounter an issue.

Content may be stale at times, but an automated background task should catch all updates eventually. If a fic is stale and you'd like to request it to be refreshed immediately, please ask in the discord or on IRC.


A bookmarklet is a small piece of code that can be saved as a bookmark to provide extra functionality when clicked. While viewing a fic, click the FicHub bookmarklet to be navigated to FicHub and automatically export the fic you were just looking at. You may be able drag the following link to your bookmarks, or right click it to save as a bookmark: Export on FicHub.

Alternatively, copy and paste the following code as the destination of a new bookmark:



Need to report an issue, request support for a site, offer a suggestion, want to contribute, or just say 'hi'? Feel free to join the discord, ##fichub on Libera.Chat, send us fan (or not so fan) mail at verdant at fichub dot net, via u/iridescent_beacon on reddit, or open an issue on the repository at