Heroing and Villaining, Taylor’s Snippets by Slider (TemporalKnight)

So I finally decided to bunker down and make a snippets story compilation since I have quite a few mini-ideas that I want to write and with 'Mutant Deviations' starting to wind closer to the end, I've been devoting a bit more time to the random ideas. There will be a few crossovers in here as time goes on though it'll probably be primarily Taylor's adventures in insanity around the Wormverse as a whole.If anyone wants to take one of these ideas and run with it, please just let me know, I doubt I'll have an issue with it, but I would like a heads up.For chapters where Taylor is a significantly different age than in canon I'll make that clear at the beginning. Most of the other things you can assume will just be touched upon in each story as they come up. Several are intended to be more or less canon until the story start, but considering that the vast majority of my random ideas have AU elements that's probably going to be somewhat rare so I'll mention it beforehand when those chapters come up. Anyway, onto the first ficlet!

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