Shelter from the Storm (Hollow Knight/Frostpunk) by AnotherTakenUsername

As their Generator malfunctions and fails, the city of Winterhome finds itself in dire straits. Alone in the Frostlands, and with nowhere to escape to, the death of the city is all but guaranteed.However, a chance discovery by a scout team offers a new hope; a massive cavern, with breathable air, fresh water, and protection from the cold. Left with no other options, the city begins to evacuate, hoping that they have finally found their shelter from the storm.Unfortunately for the survivors of Winterhome, their newfound refuge is far from the safe harbor they had prayed for. Trapped in an unfamiliar kingdom, and with temperatures on the surface plummeting, the Captain finds himself caught between the whims of Higher Beings and the encroaching Great Frost.

24974 words in 6 chapters

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