Training Trip: Can you really go home again, having seen the world? by anothvortex

After many years away from fanfiction, I've decided to dip my toe back on the water.A Random SI named Vortex killed Leviathan, and interceded after the grand reveal of Skitters unmasking as a mole to the Undersiders and the Protectorate. He intervenes on the issue and makes Skitter a deal. One boon in return for coming with him as a student. The amount of time undetermined.In return for this agreement, over the arguments of the Heroes and the Undersiders, Skitter asks him to save Dinah Alcott from Coil.Coil, Noelle, and the Travellers are taken down before they leave.Skitter is returned to Brockton Bay the day the Endbringer Memorial is being revealed, looking about ten years older, wearing a black bikini and a half mask.She is immediately grabbed by the PRT, but Skitters return goes public on PHO.The PRT are trying to figure out how to spin this and control the optics, so they apply their full unmasking protocols on Skitter. Upon discovering her past and the source of her Trigger Event, the PRT and the Protectorate realize just how fucked Skitters view of the heroes is and decide it's time for damage control and information gathering.Taylor… isn't feeling helpful.

111244 words in 31 chapters

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