Somnolence on a cloudy day by night_owl_5

Being a librarian was a pretty chill job in my opinion.Growing up as a kid from the mountains was pretty peaceful—aside from the abysmal amount of presence I have(meaning none at all)—so I prefered the quietness.(It was as if I was Waldo if Where's Waldo was full of jumpscares everytime you find him)Eventually after some boring years of schooling and experiencing the fear of the occasional student that noticed me, I had become a librarian and enjoyed it for a while.That was until a fucking truck slammed into me.(It's so cliche, I still get hives just thinking about it.)Thankfully, I received a present in my new life. He's a such a precious thing that I would kill to protect.Hmm? A stuntman you say? Sure I'll help, anything for you.What? A strange man just appeared in our home and is asking us to join his shady club? Let's just agree for now so I can make them disappear later my dear.Why did these strange people introduce themselves after weather phenomena? And why are they calling us clouds? It almost sounds like that one manga I—hold on.Wait a damn min—

34409 words in 15 chapters

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