A Young Chancellor's Trans-Dimensional Voyage (Youjo Senki/A Young Woman's Political Record/Kancolle) by metaldragon868

Chancellor Tanya Degurechaff had finally done it. She'd defeated the communists, won WWII, and brought Germania out on the other side stronger than ever before. With unprecedented developments in weapons and magi-tech creating such wonders as early missiles, jets, and even self-aware warships, it seems that nothing could challenge the ironclad alliance she'd forged. So then why does she feel so on edge?The reason, it turns out, is because not hours after the ink is dry on the new peace treaty than does her grand fleet of diplomatic escorts for her and her allies get whisked away in the midst of a furious storm into another very familiar world. Though Tanya has to admit, she doesn't remember a pitched war between the demonic spirits of warships long past and the souls of noble vessels reincarnated as hilariously well-armed quirky girls.Fortunately, she's not alone.Now if only she could get her own ships to stop calling her "mother".

37993 words in 8 chapters

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