Redistribution of Power [SI/CYOA-ish] by sapient_cogbag

A story about a self-insert with a CYOA-style tinker trump powerset that is as follows:The user is connected to a shard, but this shard has what I call "conceptual bullshit" and has various properties (most importantly, negentropy). It also does not have certain Entity-enforced restrictions such as dimension-locks on the technology. Expect me munchkining and manipulating this whole thing to hell and back. The user has access to 5 tinker charges that they can put into any specialisation they can think of (each charge is worth 2 tinker points on the PRT power ratings system), that they can reallocate at will at any time. This story is also a self-insert, and as someone who is trans and has various neurodivergencies, this inherently involves exploring that experience. Furthermore, I will be dumped into the story without access to my current nonbinary transition process, as such it will likely have fair amounts of descriptions of dysphoria and negative mental states.It will also not pretend to be apolitical. I am an extremely political person - it affects strongly my way of acting IRL and it would be deeply inaccurate (and probably impossible) to even try to cut that out of the story. This story will NOT just be me accumulating more power than everyone (though there will of course be intense power growth, because obviously).In terms of antiperks, they are kind of implicit to the story but at the very least include:Targeting by the gangs in BB Specifically, and more emphatically, targeting by the Empire 88 (for obvious reasons) Targeting by the S9 (because they aren't allowed to let people make things better) Targeting by Cauldron, eventually, and other major players. As for comments/suggestions, i would appreciate if people are nonconfrontational about it because i deal poorly with confrontational conversation for personal reasons. Generally just don't be a dick about stuff like changes I make to myself in the story related to my body (a lot of these are actually things I want to do in real life as well and criticising those is unhelpful and insulting).Thanks for giving this a chance.nya~

11335 words in 7 chapters

requested 2021-06-11 14:53 UTC